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Microfinance and technology in Africa

More than 2 billion people cannot access formal financial services and most of them are located in developing countries. Yet, when it comes to reducing the financial inclusion gap, microfinanceinstitutions are one of the most efficient at helping low-income communities access financial products and services. However, one of the main obstacles microfinanceinstitutions, especially African institutions, […]

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Financial Inclusion & Digital Platforms

Financial Inclusion is undoubtedly one of the most important milestones that must still be attained for sustainable growth of the world population, since it doesn’t only close the gap between the rich and poor, but also because access to the formal financial system allows for proper integration of the different actors in a country’s socio-economic […]

Atraer millennials a instituciones financieras

How to attract millennials customers in the financial sector

The word millennials causes many reactions, from excitement because of the opportunities this generation offers to confusion for not knowing how to generate customers from this generation them. In the financial sector, the latter can be more frequent. Millennials are those people born between 1981 and 1995, who grew with the millennium. This generation is important because of […]

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5 data showing the best investment for financial institutions for 2017

FinTech industry worldwide has advanced rapidly in 2016. This presents a challenge for established financial institutions, it forces them to update and adapt to the increasingly demanding customers. The Fintech companies found a need in society, which demanded a great innovation from the financial area. Recent studies have shown that over a third of people would […]

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