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Coronavirus threat: how can Bankingly help?

The coronavirus threat could hit financial institutions worldwide very hard. The World Health Organization has just declared a Global Pandemic and strongly recommended the use of mobile payment and online banking applications as a way to prevent the spread of this disease that is paralyzing the world. In several European and Asian countries, the stoppage of […]

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6 Recommendations to Improve Customer Data Management

Data is the new oil. A relatively new expression that has gained momentum in the last 10 years mainly due to the rise of large multimillion dollar companies such as Amazon, Facebook or Apple. Like oil, data needs to be processed in order to obtain the real value. This is why data managementhas become such […]

How to Improve User Onboarding

Customer relationships are at the core of today’s banking industry, and competition is becoming more intense by the minute. Onboarding has become a very popular word among financial institutions, since it provides means to secure customers, grow revenue and stay competitive. However, due to the massive changes customer loyalty has suffered over the years, finding the […]

Mobile money, the future for African countries

Mobile money, the future for African countries

Mobile money has the potential to cut the number of unbanked individuals by more than a third. According to Mastercard, more than 600 million people today have a mobile phone but not a bank account. When no banking services or financial products are available, people turn to informal providers without any legal protection and spending […]

Financial Inclusion in the Caribbean

Financial Inclusion in the Caribbean

Today more than 2 billion adults all over the world don’t use a bank account regularly or have access to their financial institution through their mobile devices. These obstacles hinder people from saving, accessing credits or insurance and ultimately, reduces poverty and inequality, drives economic growth and empowers individuals. Yet, in the Caribbean financial inclusion […]

How financial institutions interact with their customers

Customer experience (CX) has come a long way in the last few years. Nowadays, the traditional face-to-face approach financial institutions used to have is no longer enough to win customer loyalty. The Internet became dominant in most industries when it comes to customer interaction, and financial services is no exception. Nowadays, companies need to have […]

Understanding African consumer behaviour in the financial services industry

Understanding African consumer behaviour in the financial services industry

The banking industry worldwide has experienced sluggish growth lately, yet in Africa the situation is actually the opposite. The African banking market is the second fastest growing in the world and the banking industry is the second most profitable in the region. Nonetheless, in order for the growth to continue, banks need to understand African […]

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